Spiritual growth

Everyone who is interested in personal growth and development should know which direction this growth is possible and what are the steps towards it.

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A human is designed in a way in which he can not manage without help from other humans. Likewise, in the spiritual, we need people who already have a deeper relationship with God as well as a spiritual maturity, which was obtained by applying the Scriptures (Torah and Brit Hadasha) to everyday life.

Our groups are divided according to various interests and workshops, where everyone can learn something new about the G-d of Israel, and develop their creative potential as well as make use of their abilities under the supervision of an experienced tutor.

You will find out about your mission and potential from God . You will decide how to use the advantages of our spiritual family through acquiring general biblical foundations and through practical serving.

Alpha Course- is a series of interactive sessions (seminars) on the basics of the Biblical faith, open to people of any religion or worldview. An open discussion and a friendly atmosphere.

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The purpose of the Marriage Course is to enable spouses to build healthy relationships in marriage for life.

The incredible effect of the Alpha course, especially among young people, prompted many people to conduct it for young people in a shortened scheme.

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We have various age groups for 3-13 year olds where we introduce them to jewish lifestyle, the Torah, we host educational and entertaining games, music activities and teach them various useful and exciting things.